We officially welcomed in Spring on the 21st March. The beauty of Spring; one minute its boiling hot and the next it’s freezing cold again! There is a sense of nature gradually beginning to warm up and slowy release the energy it has stored in its roots over Winter, rising up and unfolding into beautiful blossoms and leaves. The feeling of new energy can ignite your fire to clean! Not just your home and garden, but you often feel the urge to cleanse your mind and body.
You don’t need to go on any strict diet to detox – if Liver energy is healthy, diet is balanced, reduce any exposure to toxins and drink enough water, your body is amazing at doing the hard work it is supposed to!
Days are becoming longer than the nights, bringing us time for new challenges and personal growth as we unfold towards new beginnings.
Yoga practice during spring encompasses postures which support our Liver and Gallbladder energies (the organs associated with Spring). Using poses in our practice, such as twists and side bends really help to detox and strengthen these organs and the body to get it ready for the rest of the year.
Mirroring the plants in nature, we root down through our foundations in our poses, (feet, hands or head) allowing us to rise up. If we root deeper, we can grow further with our strength and stability. Poses such as Tree and Warrior 1, are great poses to focus our ‘rooting down’.
During Spring, there is an emphasis on the eyes. Fixing and focusing our gaze to stay balanced. This also strengthens eyesight and helps with vision and future goals.
Balance poses are a fun way to represent the season as it marks the balance point between dark and light, night and day, cold and heat, Winter and Summer.
I look forward to seeing you on your mat; it’s time to wake from our winter hibernation and raise our energies for Spring!

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