21st March Spring Equinox – 20th June

Element: Wood

Colour: Green

Organs: Liver & Gall bladder

8 Daily Habits for Spring

  1. Be kind to someone!
  2. Detoxify your life: food, thoughts, physical, home or outdoor environment
  3. Decision making: be cordial, affectionate, enthusiastic and humorous
  4. Laugh Heartily!!!!
  5. Scan your life for areas that you’re stuck in. Make a change…
  6. Set yourself daily challenges, live in the moment- take your time.
  7. Be outside, if only for a short time.
  8. Rest your eyes for 10 minutes and practice eye exercises

Priorities For Spring

  • Keep life Flexible: free and active, so that you are supple and strong
  • Choose things to motivate you: or be around people that do!
  • Do not let anyone overpower you: take responsibility and positively influence others
  • Organize and decide: set a life plan for the year ahead.
  • Take up activities with others
  • Detox and cleanse; lighten your diet and drink less alcohol and caffeine
  • Safely release anger: replace pent up anger with patience, humour, gentleness and kindness.

Start to move again: stretch your body and create renewed energy

8 Spring Exercise Tips

  1. Weight training, light weights focus on muscles, joints and tendons
  2. Include some cardiovascular exercise that makes you sweat!
  3. Exercise outdoors.
  4. Early morning exercise is great for your liver.
  5. Change your exercise regime, do something different.
  6. Martial arts relieve pent up anger.
  7. Take up a competitive sport it will also help relieve aggression.
  8. Ease into Spring exercise.

Nutrition in Spring

Use the morning for cleansing foods with high natural water content.

Detox for one day, one week, one month: avoid caffeine, alcohol. Eating only fresh foods home cooked.

Warm water and plenty of Omega oils will work best for internal cleansing.

Chlorophyll found in green veg removes drug deposits and counteracts toxins.

Eat organic where possible.

Milk thistle will boost your liver function.

Introduce spirulina to your diet- green superfood.

Enjoy good food and good company!

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