Autumn is in full fall; there is a shift of emphasis from outward achievement to inner reflection and contemplation. It is the time of year where the energy comes out of nature and things really begin to slow. The earth`s energy is starting to turn in and let go for Winter and so it is time for us to do the same. If Autumn was a person they would be type to know what they need and be able to discard that which they do not. The metal element infers someone who has high standards and values and cherishes this in both themselves and inRead More →

Mondays 10-11am Gentle Back & Joint Care Class. Treat yourself to a morning of gentle stretching and balancing postures to increase your mobility. Finish off with a lovely, long relaxation with essential oils. Suitable for beginners or those working with reduced mobility. All levels are welcome. Begins on November 6th. Please arrive at least 15 mins before class to allow time to register.Read More →