Savasana might look like a cosy little snooze at the end of your yoga practice. But it’s actually a fully conscious pose aimed at being awake, yet completely relaxed. In Savasana — also known as corpse pose — you lie down on your back and relax your body and mind so you may fully assimilate the benefits of your asana practice. During this pose, you close your eyes, breathe naturally, and practice eliminating tension from the body. Ideally, this posture lasts for 10 to 20 minutes (anything less than 10 and you’ve been cheated!) However, even a few minutes of Savasana is said to haveRead More →

We officially welcomed in Spring on the 21st March. The beauty of Spring; one minute its boiling hot and the next it’s freezing cold again! There is a sense of nature gradually beginning to warm up and slowy release the energy it has stored in its roots over Winter, rising up and unfolding into beautiful blossoms and leaves. The feeling of new energy can ignite your fire to clean! Not just your home and garden, but you often feel the urge to cleanse your mind and body.Read More →